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What is the BorderWare Security Network (BSN)?
The BorderWare Security Network is the next generation reputation service offering ‘Behavioral Analysis’ across multiple internet communications protocols, multiple content types and multiple applications from BorderWare. It is an information network which keeps historical and real-time behavioral data on Internet hosts and servers. This portal page has been set up to provide details into the data stored within and provide

Threat Record
The result of a holistic algorithm combining historical & real-time data from observations made by BorderWare Security Network members. This is an indication of how “good” or “bad” a host may be. Unlike traditional reputation services, the BorderWare Security Network looks at all messaging applications and shares threat information with BorderWare customer products.

Email, Web, FTP, VoIP, IM
An overview of the risk levels the BorderWare Security Network is reporting at this time for each application.

BSN Traffic Overview (Good, Suspect, Bad)
The ratio of all reported information in terms of good, suspect and bad traffic.

Recent Activity
Displays the recent activity reported on Internet hosts and their locations.

Email, Web, FTP, IM, VoIP
Displays each applications recent activity.

Most Wanted
A top 10 list of the worst offenders according to the BorderWare Security Network.

Worst Behaved
This is a top 10 list of the worst behaved Internet hosts that are not on any of the public DNS block lists. This means that no one else is reporting proactively on these hosts except for the BorderWare Security Network.

Latest Viruses
A real time feed of the virus threats that members are blocking and reporting back to the BorderWare Security Network. For more virus details and information, please visit http://www.viruslist.com.

IP Location
Shows the geographic location of where the host is located.

Viruses / Malformed
A measurement of the ratio of observed viruses to clean mail. This also indicates viruses found over other communications protocols, not just email.

A measurement of the ratio of email that is considered to be spam vs valid.

Directory Harvesting
Has exhibited behavior whereby an email system is flooded with messages to determine the company user 'directory'. Messages that do not bounce back with "No such recipient" are ignored and the others are assumed to be valid email addresses.

DNS Block Lists
DNS Block Lists are maintained lists of addresses that have recently been observed to fit one of a variety of criteria, such as sending spam or acting as an open relay. If you find your organization on one of these lists, they will be listed on the lookup page with links to more information about why your address is on the block list as well as information about how to get unlisted.

BSN Alerts
The BorderWare Security Network offers a service in which an administrator may register to receive alerts for their IP addresses. This alert will be sent to the administrator if the BSN has concern about the activity being reported by its members. The resulting report indicates the type of activity and the times in which they were reported to help pinpoint possible policy violations.